Company Profile

Our company, CONSTRUCTION - K.T.M. KOLIOUSI O.E., is actively working on both public and private construction projects, mainly in the area of Northern Greece. Our engineers are equipped with the appropriate know-how and experience in designing and constructing technical works to meet contemporary building requirements and customer desires.

There are three main factors that make our company an extremely competitive and innovative technical company in the field of constructions: (1) the impeccable technical and scientific expertise of the company’s staff, constantly training in innovative construction specifications; (2) a well-managed workforce; and (3) our constant effort to forge a sincere and trustworthy relationship with our associates and customers.

Our company excels in the following areas:

  • Study and construction of private technical works (e.g detached houses’ complex, apartment buildings, urban renewals, craft trade and industrial buildings, resorts-summer residences, hotel units)
  • Undertaking and execution of public technical works (e.g, public schools, public buildings, restorations of roads, entertainment and sports areas, special water discharge-flood control works, works on green areas)
  • Study and construction of special electromechanical works (e.g, road electric lighting, active and passive building’s fire protection, industrial plants)
  • Expert buildings’ restorations and renovations (e.g repairing of listed buildings, enhancement of buildings’ structural sufficiency)
  • Counseling services for organization and utilization of investing plans in fields demonstrating increased business interest, like the field of Renewable Sources of Energy (Α.P.Ε.).
  • Environmental studies
  • Investments in the field of building plot and land parcels' purchase and utilization
  • High-quality rendered services aiming at the best possible utilization of individual real estate
  • Counseling services for future investments in the field of real estate and building plots